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Use Facebook retargeting to get laser targeted leads
22 July 2019

Is your brand / business looking for leads? Have you ever considered driving leads through Facebook remarketing?

Take a look at this:

Facebook remarketing is a way to build brand awareness, drive in leads and clicks to your website. It provides you with a second chance to re-engage your prospective customers (who visited your site, viewed your product or are in your email list, etc.).  Here are a few best practices that will enable you to drive quality leads to your website through Facebook remarketing:

  • Have a great landing page

Once you have created your retargeting campaign for lead generation, start working on your landing page, where users will be able to fill in their data and make further buying decisions.  Have a great custom landing page to drive leads. It could be a time-consuming task if your offers change frequently.

  • Extend your reach

Extend your brand reach to bring in more targeted leads. You just need to make use of Objective Flow, and select “Clicks to website” and “Page post linked to your website.” Then, select the post you want to promote to increase your reach with your email list. 

  • Target audiences by their precise and broad interest

Another way to target leads is by segmenting them by their interest and categories they are looking for. This works by segmenting Facebook users based on their stated Interests, Likes, and changes on their timeline or in their profile. Convert your prospects (who are looking for the products and services that your brands offer) into converting leads.

  • Find new leads through lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences allow you to replicate a relevant audience to expand your reach to an entirely new set of leads. It is a powerful way to expand your reach and find an untargeted audience.

By layering lookalike audiences on your custom audience, you enable Facebook to find leads that are similar to your audience and likely to be interested in your products or offerings.

  • Increase your fans

Increasing your fan base can bring in new leads for your brand. To do this, apply other targeting options to your potential customers. Having their contact information means they are already familiar with you and interested in your brand.

You just have to add your email list to create an audience, and exclude your current fans and the fan list that you don’t want to target. Then, retarget your list with an ad to invite your prospective audience to convert or like your FB page.

These were a few tips which will be helpful to drive leads to your websites with Facebook remarketing. Target to existing customers, as well as to potential customers to drive better leads to your website.


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