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Vector Robot by Anki
01 May 2020


Alive with personality, the Vector Robot by Anki is no ordinary home robot! A companion made to hang out and help out, the Vector is powered by AI and advanced robotics that bring him to life. He’s curious and attentive, reacts to sound, sight, and touch, and is even excited to see you when you come home. He can independently navigate and self-charge and also recognizes different people! Voice-activated, Vector can answer your questions, take photos for you, time dinner, and check the weather forecast. Pair him up with Alexa to supercharge his helpfulness, enabling him to set reminders, control smart home devices (lights, speakers, thermostats, etc), add to your shopping lists, and so much more. And since Vector is an updating platform and connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi, he's also always learning and updating with new skills and features.

Makes a great gift!

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* Qualcomm 200 Platform – so he computes at a smartphone level
* Capacitive Touch Sensor – helps him sense being touched and held
* Beamforming 4-Microphone Array – allows him to recognize natural speech and source
* Ultra-Wide HD Camera – helps him detect motion and identify people
* 4 Drop Sensors – detects edges to help him avoid falls
* Infrared Laser Scanner – lets him track distance and map environments
* 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit – so he knows when he’s picked up or moved
* High-Res Color IPS Display – helps him convey a wide range of emotions
* WiFi-Enabled Cloud Connection – brings him new capabilities

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In the box:
1 Vector robot
1 cube
1 charger

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